Sam Wouters

A combination of passions

First of all, welcome on this landing site. This site is a sort of portfolio about my interests, work and link to my other sites. Here, I share a lot of my passions with you. Because, it is so nice to share the thoughts.

“Love the way you live & live the way you love”

The first vision and passion is to live your own life like you want and take it in your own hands. It is so important to do the things you like to do and what gives you a lot of satisfaction. So, my vision of life is to love your live and live the way you love.

A Passion for traveling and discover

“A passionate creative cultural traveler”

Travel around and discover the world around you and other cultures is one of the best ways to enrich yourself as person. So to learn from others and other cultures is one of my big passions in life. As a result, you learn more from yourself and to look in another way to yourself. And that there are also so many different ways to look at a fact, an issue, or something else. Due to this, you become more creative as a person. Isn’t it nice?

“Travel and digital content”

Traveling around brought me to the point to share my knowledge with the world. I created two blog sites for this. It blends together with my other passion, photography. Read below more about this. YouTube and other social media channels are linked to these sites.

Portugal as inspiration

“A country of passion, culture and history”
lindo portugal icon passion blog site travel

Traveling around brought me to the point to share my knowledge with the world. I created two blog-sites for this.My inspiration of discovering and learning from other cultures is based on most famous European sea discoverers from the latest centuries: Portugal. By learning their language, culture, history and gastronomy, I learned a lot of the Portuguese way of living. Also, I discovered the passion and openness of this community. On, I share how beautiful this country is and learn my readers some insides.

Guide through Europe

“Travel with passion”

My first blog-site was the start for a 2nd. Why not open the eyes and share more ofthe continent Europe? Because, it has a lot of history, beautiful spots and different cultures. Let’s Guide You to guide my readers through the wonderful places of Europe was born. It brings a lot information together on one place. So, you can start enjoy your next trip with a lot of insides.

“It all depends on how you look at the situation”

From the connection with other cultures, I learned that almost everything is relative. All depends on how you look at the situation. Some time ago, I already started to write a book about this subject. Maybe some time it will be ready.

A passion for sport

“Mens sana in corpore sano”

Another passion of me is sport. Because, sport keeps you healthy and is a nice way to clear the head. As many know, it keeps the body and mind in balance. In the old times they already knew this.

“Sport as a way of living”

I am interested in the most sports and follow a lot of them. So, the Olympics is the most huge event. But, my passions go to most to Cycling, Athletics, Basketball, and Football. In my youth, I practiced cycling at top sport level. Maybe, I still can combine this with my other passion, photography.


“The art to be patient to bring the right light on your lens”
Galeria Samuel icon photography

By traveling, photography is not far away. It captures all your beautiful memories. So, this was the start to discover my next passion. I started with photography. On Galeria Samuel, I bundle all the online images together.